Ashton graduated from National University of Singapore with a First Class Honors in Engineering & was awarded 2 scholarships from the A* Star Institute & Marvell Semiconductors to pursue his PHD studies. With his strong interest in business, he founded BACKZTAGE even before he graduated. With ZTAGEMedia as the first venture, he assisted many renowned brands & corporations with their marketing such as Caterpillar, Mirabell, Skechers, Warner Music, Hong Kong Box Office, University of Hong Kong, Singapore Post Office, Singapore Ministry of Manpower, ST Aerospace, Noroo Kiban Korea & many more. BACKZTAGE is now a group of subsidiaries such as ZTAGEBeauty, ZTAGEMedia, ZTAGEMoms, ZTAGEWedding & ZTAGETours which are esablished in Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore.

To provide only quality products & services, Ashton established proper SOPs & managing systems. BACKZTAGE Group is the first & only in the world to be certified by ISO9001 for our media, wedding & tour services in Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore. He has been featured on various medias like Her World Brides & ICON Wedding in Singapore, DBC Radio Station, RTHK Radio Station, Elle, SHE.com, iMoney from Hong Kong, Fujian Television from China, SBS from Korea & many more.


Katie started her career as a fashion & beauty journalist working for renowned publications like Elle, Marie Claire, Ming, & The Standard from Hong Kong, Cosmopolitan from China and many more. As one of the founding members for ZTAGEWedding, Katie took an interest in Korean makeup styles and graduated as a makeup artist from the leading Korean salon, En Cloe. 

At ZTAGEWedding, she now carefully picks & collaborates with only leading Korean makeup salons, designer gowns, photographers & videographers to uphold the best service provided for our clients. Till date, she has worked with many celebrities in Korea & Hong Kong as well as being featured by the following media for her expertise in Korean makeup, designer gowns as well as photography & videography: 

Hong Kong Media: ELLE, Ming Pao, SHE.com, Digi Mag, DBC Radio Station
Singapore Media: MediaCorp, Her World Brides
Korean Media: SBS

Following the great news of her pregnancy, Katie launched BACKZTAGE's latest subsidiary ZTAGEMoms. With Katie's fluent command of Korean language and years of experience running businesses in Korea, Katie is confident to establish Asia's first ever online ecommerce platform for Korean maternity products & services.


As an active adventurer herself from Hong Kong, it is the greatest pleasure for Coco to be leading ZTAGETours which is a registered travel agency in Korea.

After graduating from Yonsei University in Korea, Coco spent almost 2 years staying in Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Japan before settling back to Korea. It was a great experience understanding the different cultures in each country which aid Coco's leadership directions at ZTAGETours.

With her fluent Korean & strong accounting background, Coco now manages BACKZTAGE's entire in-house car fleet, drivers & translators in Korea which serve thousands of clients engaging our travel services yearly.

Till date, she has been featured by the following media for her expertise in Korean Day Tours: 
Hong Kong Media: iMoney, SkyPost


J.Y. picked up digital photography during his study in America and is the pioneer photographer who first introduced digital photography to Korea in early 2000. Once back in Korea from America, he focused on film directing which gave him the chance to work with many Korean actors & actresses. Since graduation from Sang Myung University with a Master of Fine Art, J.Y. has helped many high-end Korean brands & celebrities with their commercial & concert photoshoots as follows.

Korean Celebrities: Rain, Yu Min, Lee Dae Hae, Jang Keun Suk, Lim Soo Hyang
Hong Kong Celebrities: Chilam, Anita Yuen
He now leads ZTAGEWedding high-end clients for exclusive photoshoots in America, Australia & Europe.