As one of the pioneers who founded BACKZTAGE GROUP, I am honoured to be given the chance to develop and lead ZTAGEWedding. During our early years in BACKZTAGE before ZTAGEWeddding was founded, we had the opportunity to work with many talented & stylish celebrities in Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore which influenced the way we wanted ZTAGEWedding to be.


Right from day one, ZTAGEWedding's business development team set out to look for only the best in Korea's wedding industry. For makeup & styling salons, we only work with salons that REALLY serve Korean celebrities. For bridal gown shops, we only work with designers who have won awards and appeared on many magazines. For studios, we only work with studios with good reputation for both their photography consistencies as well as prompt administrative support. Having shot ZTAGEWedding's very first sample photoshoot myself, we felt we deserve to look great and so do clients who entrusted the most important project of their lives to us. Check out the following video for a makeup demonstration (featured by ELLE & SHE.com) with one of our celebrity beauty salons.



To get ahead of the other competitors, ZTAGEWedding went many steps ahead to make sure our clients' experience with us in Korea is a great one. Right from the moment our clients land in Korea, ZTAGEWedding's car fleet will be there to drive them to their accommodation. We have established ZTAGEWedding's office in Korea with well-trained project managers and translators who will bring our clients for fitting, makeup & styling, studios as well as outdoor photoshoots. This is the VIP experience that we want our clients to remember forever.

That's just half the story told as ZTAGEWedding is one of the very few companies who actually have a full support team in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. While it is important to have a beautiful & unforgettable photoshoot in Korea, we understand the need to serve each client right from the moment they sign up our packages. Besides sending welcome emails with clear instructions, our team will also send out clear itineraries as well as call up every single client just before their trip to make sure all doubts are cleared. After their return from Korea, we have dedicated personnels who will follow them through to the delivery of the final products. Come visit us at any of our offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to see the magnitude of effort we have put in to serve our clients.


Given our persistence to work with only the best be it our suppliers or even our own colleagues, ZTAGEWedding has grown exponentially each year with more and more fans following us and eventually engaging us to make their wedding experience a great one. Today, ZTAGEWedding has our own team of Korean photographers for photoshoots in Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. We also have our own team of makeup artists as well as award winning Korean made bridal gowns for rental or purchase!



Are you looking for a trustworthy company who can handle your pre-wedding and wedding projects with confidence and style? Simply contact us and give us a chance to make your wedding an unforgettable one.